Wednesday, October 1, 2014

School speech's

January 2014


   It's speech time in school and B.B has to write a 2-4 min speech and memorize it to read to his classmates. Can you guess Peanut what topic he chose to talk about??? I bet you can!! That's right you got it...It's about Down syndrome and you!!

Here is what your B.B had to say,

What is Down Syndrome:

Down Syndrome is a 3rd copy on the 21st chromosome, chromosomes are what make up your body. (example) what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. Down Syndrome is not a disease, I see it as a specialty and people with Down Syndrome DO NOT suffer. They may have difficulties learning but they will learn and do the same as you and I just at a slower pace.

Down Syndrome was named after John Langdon Down in 1866, he was an English Dr. Down Syndrome occurs once every 691 births, it is the most common genetic disorder. You and I have 46 chromosomes but people with Down Syndrome have 47. People with Down Syndrome may look a little different, their eyes may be almond shape, their nose bridge may be flatter and smaller, they may have "sandal toe" which is your first and second toe are spread further apart. If you look at the palm of your hands you have 2 lines that run across your palm, but some individuals with Down Syndrome may have what you call a "singular" crease. 1 deep straight line across 1 or both palms. ( these are just a few of the physical charaistics of Down Syndrome that an person may or may not have). When babies with Down Syndrome are born they might have heart issues, they may have vision problems and need glasses to help them see. Children with Down Syndrome have different therapies to help them. Therapies that help them learn to walk,run,play and speak.

There are 3 different types of Down Syndrome.

Did you know my brother has Down Syndrome? He has the most common type called "Trisomy 21". Trisomy 21 accounts for 95% of Down Syndrome. My brother Kayde is just like you and I, but other children with Down Syndrome will look different than Kayde, they may be stronger at things or weaker at things but it does not matter as you and I have strengths and weakness too. We are all different. People with Down Syndrome are more alike than different!! So don't exclude them include them!!!

In 2012 Toronto held its 1st "Buddy Walk" for Down Syndrome. Nov 1st- 7th is Down Syndrome Awareness Week. The Down Syndrome ribbon colors are blue and yellow.  March 21st is world Down Syndrome day, you may ask why? Well that is because March is the 3rd month (3 copies) and the 21st day (21st chromosome). Thank you for listening to my speech are there any questions

Tayan (grd 5)

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