Wednesday, October 1, 2014

School speech's

January 2014


   It's speech time in school and B.B has to write a 2-4 min speech and memorize it to read to his classmates. Can you guess Peanut what topic he chose to talk about??? I bet you can!! That's right you got it...It's about Down syndrome and you!!

Here is what your B.B had to say,

What is Down Syndrome:

Down Syndrome is a 3rd copy on the 21st chromosome, chromosomes are what make up your body. (example) what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. Down Syndrome is not a disease, I see it as a specialty and people with Down Syndrome DO NOT suffer. They may have difficulties learning but they will learn and do the same as you and I just at a slower pace.

Down Syndrome was named after John Langdon Down in 1866, he was an English Dr. Down Syndrome occurs once every 691 births, it is the most common genetic disorder. You and I have 46 chromosomes but people with Down Syndrome have 47. People with Down Syndrome may look a little different, their eyes may be almond shape, their nose bridge may be flatter and smaller, they may have "sandal toe" which is your first and second toe are spread further apart. If you look at the palm of your hands you have 2 lines that run across your palm, but some individuals with Down Syndrome may have what you call a "singular" crease. 1 deep straight line across 1 or both palms. ( these are just a few of the physical charaistics of Down Syndrome that an person may or may not have). When babies with Down Syndrome are born they might have heart issues, they may have vision problems and need glasses to help them see. Children with Down Syndrome have different therapies to help them. Therapies that help them learn to walk,run,play and speak.

There are 3 different types of Down Syndrome.

Did you know my brother has Down Syndrome? He has the most common type called "Trisomy 21". Trisomy 21 accounts for 95% of Down Syndrome. My brother Kayde is just like you and I, but other children with Down Syndrome will look different than Kayde, they may be stronger at things or weaker at things but it does not matter as you and I have strengths and weakness too. We are all different. People with Down Syndrome are more alike than different!! So don't exclude them include them!!!

In 2012 Toronto held its 1st "Buddy Walk" for Down Syndrome. Nov 1st- 7th is Down Syndrome Awareness Week. The Down Syndrome ribbon colors are blue and yellow.  March 21st is world Down Syndrome day, you may ask why? Well that is because March is the 3rd month (3 copies) and the 21st day (21st chromosome). Thank you for listening to my speech are there any questions

Tayan (grd 5)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Designer Genes 2014!!


Oh my goodness!!!

Look what came in the mail today.....Ahhhh your a calendar boy!!!

My handsome May boy! 

Mommy had to kinda chuckle that your month was May as your due date was actually May 5th but seeing you hold that picture " Motivating" makes me know more then I already did why you entered this world so early and with a bang because with each passing day you do nothing less but motivate me in ways I never knew existed within me. The motivation I watch in you every single day is something so amazing, inspirational, joyful, and some days even difficult but even on those days you try and try again. You motivate yourself to figure it out one way or another. I love to watch you captivate me in everything you do.  May & Motivating couldn't have been more fitting for you!!

The whole calendar is just fantastic, but we knew that it would be!! Thank you Trina Hoadley Photography and Circle21 for such an amazing shoot day and thank you for such an amazing calender with every month total cuteness overload!! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

 From our family to yours!!

Surgery #2 Dec 3rd 2013 T&A Removal

After to many antibiotics,breathing treatments,steroids and mommy complaining about your sleep apnea here we are so early in the morning at Sick Kids Hospital at ENT for your Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy
 As you can see you are not thrilled about being woken at 4am, not allowed to have anything to eat or drink and that mommy has requested daddy stick the camera in your face.
 Big big hugs from daddy before you go
 Mommy's fake brave face as I am about to take you into OR and stay with you until you are asleep.
 Time seemed to stop. The longest hr and half.

 Mommy was so thankful to get you back in my arm after the surgery
 Daddy getting his cuddle time with you after surgery
 You came out of surgery like a champ, so full of energy, drinking so well
Yummy Popsicles feel good!
 Signing times to help pass the time.
 Look what mommy found in the gift shop!! Your friend Elmo!
And then things started to take a turn, Mommy wishing she could take the pain away

 As the day went on, you started destating
 You all of a sudden were so sick,  like a full on cold, we had to start you on 10L of O2
Sometime after surgery you aspirated Morphine into your lungs.

1 night turned to 2 nights that turned to 3 nights that turned to 4 nights
 You are such a strong, brave boy who truly is and always will be my hero! A few days after being home you got back to being yourself and mommy couldn't have been happier to have you back!
Look what  your sisters Jr. Kindergarten class made for you!!
 How sweet is that!!!

Your brother and sister love you so dearly and really worry about you and are always so ecstatic when they see you for themselves again and see that you are OK.

DSA Week: Day 7- His pride!


Your brother carried his skates laced for you all the way to Sarina for a weekend tournament! The smile and pride he carried when he got on the ice and seeked us out in the stands, giving us his nod and thumbs up!  He dedicated every game to you Peanut, he played his heart out for you. I have never seen the hockey player your brother was that weekend. He scored you 3 goals and guess what... The boys won "A" Champs proudly bringing the "Silver stick" banner home! The love he carries for you is so special. I'm so lucky to have two such awesome boys in my life. This is a Down Syndrome Awareness Week I will never forget!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DSA Week- Day 6: 21 Facts

21 random Peanut facts!!

1. He is 33 months old

2.  Is 30lbs

3. Is 2ft 9 inches

4. Has 150 + signs

5.  Favorite TV shows: 4 square & Barney

6. Can count to 5

7. Loves the palm of his hands rubbed

8. Strongly dislikes his teeth brushed

9. Favourite movie: Signing Times

10. Loves to dance

11.  Favourite words: No, Bye-Bye, Mom & Tay

12. Sings row row your boat so well

13. Favourite toy: Anything his sister is playing with

14. Loves to flush things in the toilet

15. Favourite food: Pizza

16. Sleeps in a big boy bed ( most nights lol)

17. Favourite Character: Elmo and says it so clear

18. Starting to try to walk up steps standing up

19. Became a walker at 30 months 

20.  Favourite books: Fox on Socks & Green Eggs and Ham

21.  Most important fact... Down Syndrome does not define who he is!

DSA Week- Day 5: Siblings

Ever wonder what the brothers and sisters of a sibling with Down Syndrome think?

Here's what they said.

In 2011 this study ask brothers and sisters about their feelings and perceptions toward their sibling with Down Syndrome. They analyzed valid and reliable surveys from 822 brothers and sisters 9 yrs and older whose families were on a mailing list of six non-profit Down Syndrome organizations around the country.

 96%  indicated that they loved their sibling

94% expressed feelings of pride

88% felt they were better people because of their sibling

90% felt their friends are comfortable around their sibling

Less than 4% said they would want to " trade in" their sibling

The brothers/sisters describe their relationship with their sibling as positive and enriching.

      I have seen nothing less with my children and their relationship with Peanut.

If that's not enough here's just one of  my many proud mommy stories.

  Today was another day that my oldest (10yrs old for those that don't know) confirmed his love and pride for Peanut. The day started with him wearing my "Keep Calm It's Only An Extra Chromosome" sweater to school. A smile so big on his face as he couldn't get out the door fast enough to go show it off and tell his friends when they asked what it meant!

Followed by my heart melting in pride as my boo spent his allowance on blue and yellow hockey lace's so he could lace up this week and support Peanut and all other individuals with Down Syndrome! He was excited about doing this and I'm sure some of the boys in the dressing room noticed as his other lace's are bright orange and he's one of the few who have coloured lace's. I can hear the pride he would answer with!! :)   

All laced up and ready to go! These lace's will be traveling supporting Down Syndrome Awareness all weekend in Sarnia!
One goal scored for you Peanut and I'm sure your brother will have more for you as the weekend comes!
The love,pride,compassion,caring,kind, positive relationship my boys have already there is no doubt in my mind that it will only  keep growing and getting stronger as the yrs go on. They each have just as much to give/learn/teach each other as with any siblings relationship.

Monday, November 4, 2013

DSA Week-Day 4: My Shoes


I am wearing a pair of shoes. Each day I wear them. Some days I wish they'd feel more comfortable and some days, they do. Some days they fit perfect. Some days my shoes hurt so badly that I do not think I can take another step. I sometimes get funny looks wearing these shoes. I can tell in others eyes that they are glad these are my shoes and not theirs. They talk  or whisper about my shoes. To learn how painful my shoes can be sometimes might make them uncomfortable. To truly understand these shoes one must walk in them but once you put them on, you can never take them off.

I now realize that I am not the only one who wears these shoes. There are many pairs in this world. Some people ache daily as they try and walk in them. Some have learned how to walk in them so they don't hurt quite as much. Some have worn the shoes so long that days will go by before they think about how much they hurt. Most don't set out to wear these shoes. Yet, once in them you wouldn't trade these shoes for the world because these shoes make you a stronger, a more loving, better person. These shoes have given me the strength to face anything. They have made me who I am. I have been wearing these shoes for 33 months now, not everyday is easy but I think that is true for any pair of shoes. I can tell you though every step is SO worth it!!! I am a parent who has a child with special needs and I will forever proudly walk in these shoes.

DSA Week-Day 3: Sometimes the greatest gifts in life,are unexpected!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

DSA Week- Day2: Can You See Me??


Can you see my eyes are slanted
Or do you look into my soul...

Can you see my ears are smaller
Or do you hear my words “I Love You”

Can you see my tongue is bigger
Or do you say “I Love You, too”

Can you see my nose is flatter
Or do you smell the flower I give you

Can you see my teeth are a little crooked
Or do you see my wide white smile

Can you see my speech is different
Or do you listen when I talk

Can you see the line across my palm
Or do you feel me when I touch

Can you see I am a little shorter
Or do you notice I stand so tall

Can you see my muscles are not so strong
Or do you feel I hug you so tight

Can you see me as a different pal
Or do you know I just want friends

Can you see these as a part of me
Or do you know I was meant to be

Can you see that I am different
Or do you see the inner me

Can you hear the beating heart God gave
It beats the same inside of me

Don’t always look toward the outside
Or you will miss the inside of me

I can see the real you
Can you see me?

Dedicated to all “The Me’s”
By Renee ’Farrow- Bennett
Inspired by my son, Christian Jack-Douglas Bennett who was born on September 15, 1993

Friday, November 1, 2013

Down Syndrome Awareness Week- Day 1: " Keep Calm It's Only An Extra Chromosome"

" Keep Calm it's only an extra chromosome"

Don't get me wrong I didn't always feel this way, and wish I would have realized this way sooner then I did. I would have spent less time worrying and just enjoying my Peanut as he was.  Because in reality it is just that, an extra chromosome that is in  no way is going to define my son with who he is. what he looks like and what he can do!
I bought this sweater as this saying as always brought to mind  a nurse  we had at Sunnybrook NICU Pod D.  It was a couple days after I  had received Kaydes dx. I was sitting in the cafeteria with  a big folder of info on Down Syndrome that the Social Worker had given me. I remember sitting there almost not able to read due to tears pouring from my face as I read the list of things that could be wrong with my boy, the list of  characteristics my son may have and so on. I remember  trying to take control of my emotions wiping away the tears and as  I looked up there was a nurse sitting  a bit away but in my view who had obviously been watching me, when our eyes met she gave me this big warm smile that read it will be OK you will see. I was so strangely comforted by her smile.

 A few days later upon entering Peanuts room there she was she was Peanuts nurse! The nurse with the warm smile had a name, Her name was Susan. We sat and we talked I remember her telling me:

"Life will be so much more then what all the info says remember he is your baby first and always will be."   

" If you have a fish and it's in a little bowl what will that  fish see,explore and learn?" 

" Don't limit Peanut or let anyone limit him and he will succeed in anything."

" Let the sky be his limit" 

  She probably doesn't realize it but those words have stuck with me and they changed me.  It's the 1st positive thing I remember anyone saying to me about Down Syndrome. Those words were the start of light in those confusing overwhelming days for me.  It was the start of me keeping calm and realizing it's only an extra chromosome!

To  Nurse Susan:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words, they made such a difference to me. Thank you for being there with Peanut when he was transferred to Oshawa too, knowing it was you with him made me know he was in good hands until I could get there. I know you were always just being you and doing your job but I wish you could know the impression you left on me. 

Thank you,  Peanut's mom 

P.S......Ever wonder where Kayde got his nickname "Peanut" it was Susan :)

October Catch-up


 We have been taking full advantage of our Peanut and Mommy days. You have been working so hard and are gaining new words everyday. You have taken a great liking to our sight words again here is a video's of you showing off your skills.

Kaydster the next duck brother!

 Handsome boy you are in your new eye's

September Catch- Up


September was an exciting month for us, it was the start of just Peanut and Mommy days as big sis started JK. Big bro also started hockey but here's a few things you got up to over the month.

We took the Go Train into the city for the 1st time, You sure were excited as we waited to get on but once the train started moving you felt other wise. It was quite the hour ride in but I don't blame you it was all new and new movements as the train moved down the track. We will try again another day.

You also went to the Fall Fair and got to ride rides for the 1st time and you couldn't have been more happy about it. You loved everyone you went on!

Biggest thing of all for September is you putting together 2 words and saying them...
Can you guess what 2 words you put together??
Watch and see...

Your BB was beyond proud and ecstatic to hear you say Hi Tay! Mommy is not surprised that those were the first 2 words you put together, the bond you and your BB have is something very special you are his world Peanut he adores you more than anything. Your a rock star Peanut keep rocking.

 Love Mom xoxo's